Sunday, 17 May 2009

Here are some characteristics of a millionaire:
1)Bold and unafraid to take action
2)Able to step out of their comfort zone and do things differently
3)Will still charge ahead with their ideas despite “negative critics”
4)Decision maker
7)Belief and Faith
8)Positive attitude
9)Boundless Energy
10)Loves what they do and can’t wait to keep working on it
11)Able to form a team of like-minded individuals to help
12)If they don’t have money, they know how to get it by forming key relationships
13)A solid business plan (or what they call a “battle plan”)
14)Entrepreneurship (most want to be their own boss above the security of working for someone else)
15)Creative and can come up with good ideas
16)Can see the good in situations no matter how bad it is
17)Have good mentors and role models
18)Have a burning desire to succeed (succeeding to them is so important that there’s no room for failure)
19)Wants to be “somebody” badly and all the rewards that comes with it
20)Has a need to provide for their family and take care of their loved ones
21)Discipline and good work ethic
22)Excellent communicator and salesmanship

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